The method of learning Buddhism is more important

It is more important to get the essence of how to learn Dharma than to learn Dharma itself

“It is more important to get the essence of how to learn dharma than to learn dharma itself”. Many people would like to say that they have already taken refuge under Three Jewelries, and believe they are different from others or what they were before. Whereas, I really doubt that if they really know how to learn Dharma properly. Lots of so-called Buddhists do sutra readings and prostrate to Buddha as well as practice a lot, I do admit what they do are quite important and fundamental, but what I want to emphasize here is when you are learning or practicing, are you aware of where your heart lies? Whether your heart follows your mouth or your body? Do you really understand the actual meaning of what you are doing?

Now let us go further to the discussion of how to learn Buddhism.

Humblest VS Greatest
Nowadays, more and more people become Buddhism practitioners. Here I would like to ask if they know what their purposes are. Undoubtedly, it should be becoming identical as Buddha. However, the distance between an ordinary being and Buddha may be short, or maybe long. It’s all in one’s own control.

Theory VS Practice
Being a qualified Buddhist, one should be humble enough by putting oneself to the lowest position, respecting and submitting to others. In brief, when one becomes the humblest, meanwhile he or she turns into the greatest in the world. With this in mind, all the water will run into his or her mill. In the future, whatever situation one may be in, either poor or rich, either positive or negative, one will be neither arrogant nor self-contemptuous, that is to say nothing can bother him or her at all. As the old saying goes, neither being extravagant and dissipated in time of wealth and honor, nor being mind-twisted in time of poverty and lowliness.